Freight, warehousing, fulfillment and production consulting.

General Information

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Primary Point of Contact: Joey Turco (joey@gamerati.com)

Warehouse Address: 4823 95th St SW #7A, Lakewood, WA 98499



Manufacturing Assistance

We will help you make products in such a way that helps save you and your customers money on shipping. We will also introduce you to potential manufacturing and printing partners, so you can get competitive quotes.


Worldwide Logistics

We will manage the process of getting your product from your manufacturing and printing partners to warehouses around the world, including all freight, import duties and taxes. Our warehouse is in the USA. We recommend partners in Australia, Canada, China and Greece, but are willing to work with any other partners you might desire.


Project Fulfillment

Whether it's pre-orders for a direct-to-market release or backer rewards for a crowdfunding project, we will manage all worldwide fulfillment.


Worldwide Billing Consolidation

We will pay all logistics and fulfillment invoices, reconciling them in one report so you can see a complete consolidated look at all logistics and shipping costs related to your products.


Ongoing Fulfillment Support

Once product is in our warehouse - and in warehouses around the world - we will ensure ongoing orders are shipped to customers, retailers, etc. If you need product sent to support your appearance at an event, we will send that as well. We are also able to warehouse event supplies, if needed. If you sell on online marketplaces, such as Amazon.com, we will also ship product to support those sales.


Ongoing Sales Support

We will help facilitate sales to retailers and distributors. If you have media (books, CDs, DVDs) we will also help sell those media products to Amazon, if desired.