Advertising, media outreach, social media, email and content marketing.

Marketing Partnership Program

The services below are included in our base program for marketing agency clients. We can handle programs with less scope – if you only need help with online advertising, for instance. We can also handle more robust programs, depending on your needs.

Need Marketing Help? Contact Ed Healy <ephealy@gamerati.com>

For more information about the Gamerati Network, a list of the sites whose advertising we manage, etc see gamerati.net


Digital Advertising

We manage the ads on the largest collection of independent hobby game websites.

In addition, we will manage your advertising spend on other platforms, such as Facebook.


Social Media

Gamerati will promote / reshare various social media posts you make. Our social media coordinator will watch your feeds and amplify your signal.

If you would like us to take over and manage your social media accounts, we're happy to do that as well.


Media Relations

We'll be your advocate, increasing your earned media attention through reviews, interviews and other forms of content marketing.


Influencer Engagement

We will match your particular product to people who might be interested in it - especially those with an audience on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.


Email Marketing

We will include your messages to our consumer list (weekly), our retailer list (bi-monthly) and our media list (weekly).


Event Marketing

We run 150+ events each year. We will demo your products and direct customers to where they can purchase them. If you have a volunteer organization we will work with your volunteers to support their efforts as well.

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