We’ve helped publishers raise over $80 million through crowdfunding. 6% of every Tabletop Games dollar raised on Kickstarter in 2018 was from one of our projects.

Campaign Management

We typically handle strategic consulting, project design, promotion, and marketing. In exchange, publishers pay us an advance against a percentage of dollars pledged.

If you don’t need help with campaign management and strategy, we can still help with marketing your project.

Need Crowdfunding Help? Contact Ed Healy <ephealy@gamerati.com>

The Curators

We manage the only game-centric Curated Page on Kickstarter and produce a weekly podcast, The Curators, talking about the projects we find interesting.



Strategic Consultation

We will take your initial thoughts and develop a full plan with you, including product feedback, campaign structure, and tactical marketing advice.


Project Design

Crowdfunding campaigns live and die by their presentation. We will help guide video production and graphics teams to create assets for your project page.



We will assist you with media and influencer outreach before launch, and while the campaign is live.



Our efforts include ads on our own sites, our social media channels and our email newsletters (consumer, media and retailer). This can also include managing your full advertising spend on sites like Facebook.

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